This page is about weather and stuff in Opotiki, N.Z.-

* Web CamUpdating Webcam of the River and Boatramp 
* Weather The Local Weather Forecast 5 Day Forecast...... 
* Street MapFind Opotiki Streets and Roads on this Zoomable Street Map...... 
* Satelite Pics 1Link to amazing satellite pics - clouds, Map, Topography, Infra red, .. Select Altitude, Satellite, Map-type, etc 
* Satelite Pics 2NASA Living Earth - View from 100 km above 38S 177E  
* House FinderThis amazing link can produce an online street map to your (NZ only) house, complete with Latitude and Longitude (GPS) Grid References. 
* Local Chart Opotiki(or any other NZ) Marine Chart
(Enter: Nth Island; NZ542 in the boxes)
* Local Tides Tide Calculator. Look at Port Tauranga and deduct 42 minutes   
* Earthquake Check out the latest N.Z. Seismological activity.........   

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  Webcam image of the Opotiki Boatramp and river